Unforgettable Wedding! Best singing priest! Fr Ray Kelly Singing Hallelujah!

A PRIEST takes the House Down at a Wedding in Ireland !

The couple were promised a Wedding to REMEMBER; but not like this. Watch this wedding video, to see how Chris and Leah O Kane were blown away by Fr Ray Kelly in Oldcastle, Co Cavan. – Lyrics Below

Father Ray Kelly singing a personalized cover of Halleujah


We’re joined together here today
To help two people on their way
As Leah & Chris start their life together
And now we’ve reached:
their special day, we’ve come to help them celebrate
And show them how much we all love them too, yeah.


As Leah’s walking up the isle,
And Chris looks up and gives a smile
The love that flows between them fills the church, yeah.
With Leah’s friends & family on her side
She really is the blushing bride
With love and pride they lead the Hallelujah


With the priest and the family who lead the prayers
We say our lines and they say theirs
I guide them through the ceremony, too yeah
And in this house of God above
They joined their hands to show their love
And say those most important words, “I DO” yeah.

Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah
Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah


Khloe Kardashian Flirts With French Montana But She ‘Loves’ Matt Kemp

Apparently Khloe was just having some harmless fun by flirting with French because HollywoodLife.com has EXCLUSIVELY learned that the man she really wants is Matt Kemp! In fact, Khloe even called Matt during her hangout session with French, a source tells us.
Khloe Kardashian may have spent the weekend hanging out with rapper French Montana but her one true love is actually Los Angeles Dodgers All-Star Matt Kemp,


Demi Lovato’s Alleged Topless Photos Leak, Show Singer In Bed With Wilmer Valderrama

Yet another batch of nude photos purportedly of pop singer Demi Lovato have leaked online.

Demetria Devonne “Demi” Lovato is an American actress and recording artist. She made her debut as a child actress in Barney & Friends. In 2008, she came to prominence as a starring cast member in the television film Camp Rock

The cell quality photos were first obtained and posted by Egotastic on April 5 and show someone who looks very much like Lovato, 21, in bed with someone who looks very much like her boyfriend, 34-year-old actor, Wilmer Valderrama. Another photo also shows a woman who is alleged to be Lovato wearing leggings, and is completely topless. And while her head is not visible in the frame, at first glance, what appear to be her rather identifiable tattoos are completely visible.

Since the photos leaked, neither Lovato nor Valderrama has officially responded, however, the “Heart Attack” singer subsequently tweeted a photo of herself wearing boxing gloves, writing in Spanish, “Soy fuerte. Soy luchadora. Asi que no me subestimen,” which translates to, “I am strong. I am a fighter. Do not underestimate me.”


Kate Middleton Wears Scarlet Coat, as Royal Family Lands in New Zealand

When we de-plane after a mere one-hour shuttle, our hair generally looks like a bird’s nest and our face like a Walking Dead zombie, so it’s really somewhat miraculous (though not surprising, given this is Kate Middleton we’re talking about) that the Duchess of Cambridge looked basically immaculate Monday, upon her arrival in New Zealand after a flight across the globe.

Kate, Prince William, and Prince George arrived in Wellington after a brief stop in Sydney, for the beginning of their three-week tour down under, which will consist of 45 engagements across 13 different towns and cities. Kate’s red coat is by Catherine Walker; the hat, Gina Foster. Her brooch (which is in the shape of a silver fern) is from the Queen’s collection, gifted to Kate for the trip. The family was greeted by the country’s prime minister, John Key, as well as Maori warriors, whom Kate and William both pressed noses against (which is a customary Maori greeting tradition).

Meanwhile, young George continues to achieve a feat previously believed impossible: he (arguably) upstaged Kate Middleton (dressed in fire-engine red, no less!), sporting some stylish white shorts and a cream-colored top. William was also snapped in Sydney carrying a kangaroo backpack belonging to George, which Blue Ivy Carter no doubt just called her publicist to have sent to her via express mail.



‘Human Barbie’ Valeria Lukyanova blames ‘race-mixing’ for plastic surgery popularity

Lukyanova, 38, who rose to infamy through YouTube videos that show off her surgically altered body, says in a new interview with GQ that she believes ‘degeneration’ from mixed ethnicities has pushed more people towards plastic surgery.

She may be a living doll, but she doesn’t have a pretty mouth.
Valeria Lukyanova, the Ukranian woman dubbed “Human Barbie” because of her multiple plastic surgeries, shared her thoughts on race and beauty in a new interview with GQ Magazine — implying that the push for plastic surgery procedures in the Western world is “because of the race-mixing.”
“Ethnicities are mixing now, so there’s degeneration, and it didn’t used to be like that,” said Lukyanova, according to GQ.
“Remember how many beautiful women there were in the 1950s and 1960s, without any surgery? And now, thanks to degeneration, we have this.”
“I love the Nordic image myself,” continued Lukyanova, whose age has been reported as 38. “I have white skin; I am a Nordic type – perhaps a little Eastern Baltic, but closer to Nordic.”
The conversation shocked her interviewer, GQ Russia editor Michael Idov, who dubbed his subject “a racist space alien.”
‘Human Ken Doll’ Justin Jedlica says he doesn’t ‘really get’ his counterpart, Valeria Lukyanova aka ‘Human Barbie.’
‘Human Ken Doll’ Justin Jedlica (l.) says he doesn’t ‘really get’ his counterpart Valeria Lukyanova, aka ‘Human Barbie.’
The doll lookalike has claimed in past interviews that she is becoming a “breatharian,” subsisting on light and air instead of solid food.
Lukyanova – who rose to notoriety after posting videos of herself on YouTube – also said in the GQ interview that she is “against feminism,” and that she finds the prospect of marriage and children “unacceptable.”
“The very idea of having children brings out this deep revulsion in me,” she said. “Most people have children to fulfill their own ambitions, not to give anything.”
“I’d rather die from torture,” she also said, “because the worst thing in the world is to have a family lifestyle.”
That news shouldn’t disappoint “Human Ken” Justin Jedlica, a 33-year-old American man with a similar plastic surgery obsession.